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Welcome to Advocatus Lumen!

Advocatus Lumen is a PVE/PVP Galactic Republic guild for the upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. Currently, we have open applications to fill select positions in the guild. We currently have an 18+ age requirement, but we still ask that you be a mature player if applying to the guild. We also strive on a No Drama Policy and ask that you be respectful if you are accepted into the guild.

If you have any questions regarding our guild, please go here: What can I expect from Advocatus Lumen?

Guild News

PvP Warzones

deathsythe12, Nov 8, 10 5:45 PM.
Bioware released the new PvP Warzones video. Watch it and tell us what you think on the forums.

Imperial Agent class video

deathsythe12, Nov 3, 10 1:28 PM.
Watch the new Imperial Agent class video here.

Star Wars Insider Preview

deathsythe12, Oct 26, 10 10:39 PM.

Star Wars Insider hits stands today, and judging by the preview there are a few very interesting items in it regarding our highly anticipated Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO. 

1. You can choose to be good or evil, and your light side or dark side ratings will increase.  This works on a sliding scale, so if you commit evil actions, you'll go towards the dark side, but if you do good deeds, you'll go the opposite way.  I suppose this means that you can do both and cause an inner struggle between sides in your character!  That's really cool!  Almost every single quest has the options for a player to make a choice*.

2. Similar to Knights of the Old Republic, when the dark side starts to corrupt you, your abilities and visual appearance will change.  This is similar in nature to Fable.  It seems like the dark/light side scale will effect this!

3. Open World PVP has been confirmed! It basically says that if you run into someone of the opposite faction and their level is much higher than you then you are going to get killed, but they do have something called warzones where players can fight on a level-playing field.  I'm so happy!

4. You're going to learn about things that you only heard about in the movies.

5. One of the most important battles in the war between Sith and Republic took place above Hoth so a whole bunch of starships crashed to the surface, and it's a graveyard of Star Destroyers in the launch time line.

6. BioWare is aware of the games future, and their plans.  They want the game to exist for years, even decades after release.  Who wouldn't with the investment that was put into it?

ToR videos

deathsythe12, Oct 26, 10 10:26 PM.
Want to see all the latest videos for The Old Republic? Go to our Youtube page to stay up to date.
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